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 NAS Whiting Field
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Congratulations to our very own Naval Air Station (NAS) Whiting Field as the Fiscal Year 2015 winner of the USS BAINBRIDGE (CGN 25) award for overall excellence in community service.

This award recognizes a Navy command that engaged in exemplary voluntary community service activities working with local communities.

Sailors at NAS Whiting Field greatly improved the lives of more than 43,000 members of their local community by donating more than 15,000 hours through partnerships with local agencies.

Sailors also provided critical assistance during disaster relief efforts, helping save the local community thousands of dollars and ensuring rehabilitation after flooding rains.

Donna Tucker 

Santa Rosa County Chamber of Commerce

& Tourist Information Center

PH: (850) 623-2339


Navy League honors the Best of the Best Sailors

Coming from the base honored twice as installation of the year, NAS Whiting Field, these are the Sailors of the Year.


Friday, 19 February, 2016 the Navy League Santa Rosa County Council recognized the 2015 Sailors of the Year andFlight Instructors of the year at their annual banquet at NAS Whiting Field’s Sikes Hall.  The league honored nine sailors and seven instructors.

According to the event brochure, the Navy League has grown to become the foremost citizen organization to serve,support and stand with the U.S. Sea Services, the Navy, Marine Corps, Coast Guard, and the U.S. Flag Merchant Marine.  Emphasis is made on public education, stressing the continuing need to maintain a vibrant, flexible maritime force.  Membership is open to all patriotic Americans not currently on active military duty.

Captain Todd Bahlau, commanding officer of NAS Whiting Field spoke about the last two years Commander NavalInstallations Command selected Naval Air Station Whiting Field as the top shore installation in the Navy in its respective category.  He said the sailors recognized Friday night “are the Best of the Best.”

After the awards, outgoing TRAWING-5 Commanding Officer Colonel Gary Kling said those attending may not know justhow much work the selected sailors and instructors completed to earn their honors.  “They’re volunteering out of town.  They’re coaching.  They’re mentoring.  They’re doing all the stuff that makes this nation what it is.”  He also noted, last year, NAS Whiting Field produced 68 percent of every aviator in the Navy,Marine Corps, and Coast Guard, and 100 percent of every rotor-wing pilot.  He said every pilot of a supply helicopter “was trained right here by the world’s best.”

The Sailors of the Year:


HM3 Jennifer Jones, USN                        HM2 Anthony Prater, USN

Blue Jacket of the Year,                             Junior Sailor of the Year,

Naval Branch Health Clinic                                   Naval Branch Health Clinic

NAS Whiting Field                                       NAS Whiting Field


HM1 Roderick Hunter, USN                     AWS1 (NAC/AW) Logan Bradley, USN

Senior Sailor of the Year,                           CNATRASea & Shore Sailor of the Year

Naval Branch Health Clinic                                   HT-8/TAW5

NAS Whiting Field


AWS2 (AW/NAC) Matt Cook, USN          AWS1 Brent Blackwell, USN

Aircrew Sailor of the Year,                         Aircrew Sailor of theYear,

HT-28/TAW5                                                 HT-28/TAW5


AC2 Thomas Taikina, USN                      ABH2 (AW/SW) Paulo Gomez, USN

Blue Jacket of the Year                              Junior Sailor ofthe Year,

NAS Whiting Field                                       NAS Whiting Field


ABH1 (AW/SW) Marlon Squires, USN

Senior Sailor of the Year

NAS Whiting Field