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Santa Rosa County Council of the Navy League of the USA (SRCCNL)


Council Meeting of April 11, 2018 (1200-1300)


Santa Rosa County Chamber of Commerce building


Meeting Minutes


Special meeting addenda due to passing of President Sam Vickers, Past President Steve Rhodes filling in.


Prayer by Steve Rhodes (Past President)


Pledge of Allegiance led by Steve Rhodes


Minutes of March 14, 2018 Council meeting were Reviewed and Approved


Officers in attendance:  Steve Rhodes (Past-President), Jerry C. Collins (VP-Retention, Secretary, web-master), (Anna Weaver ( Scholorships ), ), Del Lewis (Sea Cadets), Dan Stewart (VP Fundraising), Howard Bleuel ( Director ), Jim McMaken ( Director) and Brian Watkins (Director),

Treasurer’s Report by Robin Vickers.(Absent)


Months Starting Balance = =$10,357.37

Months Cash Flow =

Months Ending Balance = $10, 357.37

Report was postponed until May meeting


Membership Report: postponed until May meeting



Sea Cadets report by Del Lewis/Hort: postponed until May meeting



NJROTC Report delayed until further notice



Scholarships: postponed until May meetingAnna weaver


Web Page Design report by Jerry Collins:


        Progress has been made in getting the correct addresses for NL national membership.

        Contacted national for contact person to discuss need for security certificates in contacting national web site from secure web sites, such as our council web site.




Need a new President and a 1st.VP


Brian Watkins was voted in as the new President to fill out the position held by Sam Vickers


Jim Ormanoski was voted in as the new 1st. VP


Opened discussion to provide a scholarship under the name of Sam Vickers.


After some discussion Jerry Collins moved “SRCCNL have a special scholarship this year, 2018, to an NJROTC student in the name of Sam Vickers. Seconded and Approved



Walt Reese Navy League Golf Tournament

        June 1, 2018 Friday

        Tanglewood Golf Course

Minutes of the previous meeting provided

Continue meeting at Dan Stewert’s office at appointed times.

Sponsors:  There should not be two competing real-estate companies as Sponsors.




Adjourned by Steve Rhodes at 1255.